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CT's Ten Movies in a Weekend, part three

The schedule has been posted for those wanting to follow along next weekend. You can see it by clicking here:

Carlin Trammel Rewatchable Walrus Film Festival

I also wanted to take a moment to list some movies that didn't make the cut.

Three Amigos
Galaxy Quest
The Princess Bride

It was also a tough call between the first and second Back to the Future movies. And Die Hard 3 could easily make a list like this for me, too.

Finally, I opted not to include any comic book movies on this list because I figured that a comic book-themed weekend might make for a good follow up someday. The first Superman movie, Superman II (Donner Cut), the first two Spider-Man movies, X2, Hellboy, Blade II, Batman Begins, The Rocketeer, and The Phantom all could be part of a Ten Comic Book Movies in a Weekend.

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