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Oddly Shaped Dice II: Ninjas v. Nazis

Ninjas versus Nazis. It writes itself, people.

The basic pitch for this one-shot is “American Ninja” meets “The Dirty Dozen.” In 1942, the OSS starts recruiting resident aliens of Japanese descent with expertise in the little-known discipline of ninjitsu. Some are loyal Americans eager to prove their worth . . . some have a grudge against the Imperial family dating back centuries...some would simply rather go on secret missions in occupied France and Germany rather than sit in an internment camp. The OSS puts the recruits through intensive Ranger training, and produces a commando squad of unsurpassed deadliness. For variety, maybe some of the characters are not “ninja” per se, but masters of a related art like archery or swordsmanship.

While I enjoy the more ridiculous pulpy WWII stuff a la Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos, my thought is to keep the ninja themselves the only fantastic element. No robots or jetpacks or Nazi superscience, just the Zen simplicity of a WWII ninja commando unit.

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