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Oddly Shaped Dice III: Quirks

Has it been a couple years already since we did the Quirks one-shot for d20 Modern?

The premise was a family of adventurers...the sons of Ulysses Quirk (think Doc Savage / Dr. Quest) and his wife Elizabeth (Race Bannon by way of Emma Peel), they spent their formative years traveling the world, challenging the unknown, etc. Now the boys are all grown up and gone their separate ways (as CIA agent, daredevil, super-scientist, explorer, etc.), but they have to reunite to rescue Dad after an experiment in applied quantum physics sticks him in another dimension.

One of the problems with one-shots is that if the PCs are strangers (i.e., this is a one-shot to them, too), you don't have the benefit of playing well-established relationships...but if they are a regular team, it's hard to model that, too. This was a nice compromise...the boys have a lot of history, but none of it recent. They all had a common goal --- rescue Dad --- but they would all logically have different approaches. Lots of fun was had mixing the action movie hoo-hah, the sci-fi premise, and the petty sibling rivalry like we get at my mom's house every Thanksgiving.

Were I to revisit this premise, I think I would make all the Quirk boys action hero / geniuses, just in different fields...a combat surgeon, maybe an adventuring engineer a la Dirk Pitt, a computer security expert, etc.

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