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Captain Kirk, meet K.I.T.T.


Since the time I could understand what they were, I've found TV show crossovers to be fascinating. Seeing how favorite characters from different environments interact with each other is the primary draw, but there are also several "inside baseball" factors which have nerd appeal (the behind the scenes finagling to bring the crossover to reality, how the "guest" characters are written when not on "their" show, what the producers or network were trying to accomplish with the crossover, etc.).

Some of my favorite crossovers include:

And if you're wondering about the title of the post, yes there is a connection between Knight Rider and Start Trek. The Crossovers & Spin Offs Master Page at Poobala.com covers this sort of thing with unbelievable detail. Poobala is one those amazingly bizarre sites that the Internet was made for.

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