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CT's Ten Movies in a Weekend, part four

Well, I'm making final preparations for the ten movies that starts tonight with Office Space at 6:30 EDT followed by Braveheart. I'll be providing a modest nacho bar for anyone who shows up tonight.

I also realized that the copy of Army of Darkness (Sunday @ 2:30 pm EDT) I have is the Director's Cut. And while I do enjoy that version, it does not contain the S-Mart ending. So, I went out and bought the other version today. I had a Best Buy coupon so I picked it up for just over $5. Good deal.

I'll be setting up my video camera to record some of the best bits of this film fest. If I get anything good, maybe I'll have a video up sometime next week.

I hope some of you out there reading this will be able to join me in watching a movie or more. Check out the schedule to the right and pick a time and movie and post some thoughts.

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