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Where A Nerd Draws the Line

There are three groupings of nerd activities that I don't participate in.

There's the stuff I just haven't checked out yet --- like watching Dr. Who, f'rinstance.

There's the stuff I've checked out enough to say, nope, that's not for me --- like anime in general. Tried it, gave it a fair shot, not interested.

Finally, and most dangerously, there's the stuff that I would secretly kind of like to do, but I fear that it will seduce me to the Dark Side and turn me into one of those intolerable nerds whose lives are a mixture of absolute arrogance and childlike enthusiasm towards their chosen hobbies and incredible cynicism and inability to function in the real world.

It's the stuff I might do if I had a little more time and a little less shame. And there are surely other fine nerds out there who do this stuff and still function in the real world, but still, I fear it...

1. Go to sci-fi conventions in a costume.
2. Live action role-playing.
3. Writing fan fiction.
4. Attending Renaissance Faires.
5. Start a band that plays scifi conventions or Renaissance Faires.
6. Start playing a dead instrument like the bagpipes or the lute.
7. Learn Gaelic, Latin, Klingon, or Elf.

And yes, the idea of playing a cittern and singing songs in Elfish sounds freaking awesome . . . and yet, shouldn't I be mowing the lawn or something?


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