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The Series Finale of my Series Finale Series

I talked about some shows have poor series finales, but it's not the intent of the show's producers to end where they did.

I have begun to question the wisdom in season finale cliffhangers. I liked the approach that shows like Buffy and Veronica Mars took. Each season was like it's own 22-episode movie. Perhaps a slight dangling plotline or two, but, at the conclusion of the season, the big mystery is solved and the big bad is defeated. That approach, in this day of quick cancellations, would save fans so much heartache.

The longest summer ever might have been the summer between my eighth grade year and my freshman year of high school. Jean-Luc Picard had just been assimilated by the Borg, and Riker had given the command to fire the weapon that would destroy the ship. However, the three or four months of build-up, inevitably made the conclusion lackluster despite it being a pretty decent resolution. Ultimately, that's the problem with cliffhangers no matter if they get resolved or not, the build up is so much better than the payoff. Maybe these shows are better off ending the way they did.

Now and Again
Premise: This delightfully quirky sci-fi show was the story of a middle-aged man who "died," but before he completely died, his brain was transplanted into the body of a super-soldier. With this enhanced body, he would go on missions for the government. But it was a top secret project and he was to not contact anyone from his past. But he couldn't let go of his wife and kid.
Where things were when it ended: In the final episode, The Eggman (played by one of the "old Asian that guys," Kim Chan) is out for revenge. Lead character Michael makes a break for it while he has no tracking device implanted in him and heads to his old home and grabs his wife and child. The show ends with the lead characters on the run and Dr. Morris dead set on finding them.
CT's idea for what could have happened: I'm not too sure where it could have gone other than aping "The Fugitve" for at least a little while. It could have been Six Million Dollar Man meets The A-Team meets Promised Land.
Chances of it coming back: Series stars Eric Close and Dennis Haysbert both have shows on CBS that each do better than Now and Again ever did.

Red Dwarf
Premise: Dave Lister, the biggest slob, the last human left alive. Millions of years in the future, he's lost in space with a super computer, a cat creature, an android, and his annoying roommate who has been brought back to life as a hologram.
Where things were when it ended: A corrosive is destroying Red Dwarf. Rimmer heads to an alternate reality to find a solution that will destroy the corrosive, but is ultimately unsuccessful. He is knocked out and awakes to find Death standing there ready to take him away. Rimmer kicks Death where it hurts and runs off to find his crewmates while the ships is coming apart around him.
CT's idea for what could have happened: Whenever a season did end on a cliffhanger, they never really continued the story upon returning. It generally was recapped quickly and then a new story was brought to the forefront. That said, I have no idea what the outcome might have been.
Chances of it coming back: For years there's been talk of a movie, but that'll never materialize. I can see this one possibly getting one more spin around the galaxy, but I still think the odds are pretty slim.

Premise: Earth had been attacked using Shadow germ warfare. The entire planet was sick and the Excalibur was sent on a mission to find a cure.
Where things were when it ended: Hard to say as the episode order is often debated, so it's hard to figure when it ended. Really, the major thing I wanted to know about was Captain Gideon's Apocalypse Box. Gideon won this shiny talking box in some sort of card game. It told Gideon to do things and we weren't sure yet whether it could be trusted.
CT's idea for what could have happened: Two or three unproduced scripts surfaced including the intended season finale where Gideon was shot at the end of the episode. I'm guessing the plague would have been taken care of within the next two seasons and the show would have become something even better.
Chances of it coming back: Crusade character Galen just appeared in Babylon 5: The Lost Tales. Unfortunately, there was no real report about what happened to the crew of the Excalibur. Beyond this, I doubt we'll see the conclusion in any satisfying way.

Quantum Leap
Premise: Scientist Sam Beckett leaps into the lives of various people throughout history attempting to make things better.
Where things were when it ended: I'm not sure whether this show ended as an intended cliffhanger or not. I've read different stories on the subject. There's a definite sense that more was on the horizon as Sam learned he was able to control his leaps and in the final leap, we see him leap into the living room of Al's first wife to tell her to wait for Al...something that Sam had not done three seasons prior when he first had the chance. When the show ends, we find out that Al is still married to Beth and that Sam never returned home. An ending that left much to be desired for many, I have since accepted it.
CT's idea for what could have happened: There was a hint that the leaps would become harder. Was that because the destinations would be harder because it's pretty tough to top some of the doozies he had. Personally, I think Sam would have stopped leaping into people and in doing so, he would no longer blend seamlessly into his surroundings. Also, by doing that, he would have lost immediate access, if not access altogether, to Al.
Chances of it coming back: There was talk of a reunion movie and relaunch of the series on the Sci-Fi network. The idea tossed around seemed to indicate that Sam's daughter would leap in an effort to look for her dad. I doubt this will happen now. And while it would be nice to see it return, I think it's better to leave well enough alone.

So, what are some shows that you watched that ended with those awful words...


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