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Small Screen Reboot

The fad of remaking old TV series into movies will probably never be over. But recently, the idea to take old TV show properties and relaunching them as TV shows seems to be taking off.

Beginning with Battlestar Galactica and continuing most recently with Bionic Woman, news today has spread that Knight Rider may join them by seeing new life on the small screen.

I've always been more of a TV guy than a movie guy. I like to get to know characters and be able to revisit them several times. Of course, not every character works in the TV setting. For example, John McClane would not work on TV. (It will be interesting to see how well the Terminator world translates when The Sarah Conner Chronicles starts up.)

Anyway, looks like they've got a good director lined up to launch the show. And even though I don't look back on Knight Rider with the same nostalgia I do other things, I look forward to a reboot. Hopefully it can be as well-executed as Battlestar Galactica has been.

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