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Getting the Band Back Together

This isn't a nerd topic, strictly speaking...I used to play sax in an R&B/soul band called Dr. Wu. I wasn't that great of a player, but I understood the style, and I was a pretty fair singer, and mostly I became the guy who talked to the audience between songs and convinced them that they were being entertained. I quit in summer of 2000, but have played the occasional fill-in / reunion show since.

An old bandmate just found out he has cancer, and I am now obsessed with getting a veritable army of local musicians together and putting on the best damn benefit gig ever.

The nerd angle here is that this feels like an "Assembling the Team" montage, as I blogged about a couple of months back. There is a job that needs to be done, we need to round up a team with the specialized skills and the experience to do the job, and then we are coming and Hell is coming with us.

Maybe the other nerd angle is that to me, the symbolism of the thing is more important than the money we raise. Hopefully, Mark will recover and play for many years to come . . . but maybe he won't. And since he might not . . . well, a man who has devoted his whole life to music deserves a show that people will remember for the rest of their lives. He deserves a show that will shake the pillars of Heaven and let them know a trumpet player is coming.

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