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Signing the Cast: Star Trek Reboot

Setting aside the debate about whether a reboot of Trek should be done at all (and it's something I haven't decided about myself), if a reboot is to be done, the casting is key to the relaunch being successful. Ultimately, what made Classic Trek work as well as any of the other shows that did work was the chemistry between the characters. It doesn't take great actors, it just takes the right ones.

As I've followed the casting rumors and news, I've questioned some of the casting decisions. With the exception of Simon Pegg as Scotty, most of the casting choices have seems like "pretty boy" casting. That's not to say pretty boys can't act, but well, they usually can't.

So, here are my casting choices for a reboot. Some of these are borrowed ideas from message boards I've read over the past few years. Others are my own ideas. But, I could see this cast working solidly together much like the original crew.

Clicking the images make them appear larger...

Captain James T. Kirk : Mark Wahlberg

Commander Spock : Josh Hartnett

Dr. Leonard McCoy : Gary Sinise

Lt. Montgomery "Scotty" Scott : Paul McGillion
(This one's for you PLee)

Lt. Hikaru Sulu : Daniel Dae Kim

Lt. Uhura : Aisha Tyler

Ensign Chekov : Jared Padalecki
(This one is for you Wiisty)

So, as we comment on this post, I'm up for debating not only the cast, but the pros and cons of a Star Trek reboot? Should one be done at all? If so, what do you think of the cast they've been lining up? Who would you choose instead?

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