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Transwalrus: More Than Meets the Tusk

I will preface my review of this movie by stating that there were three things I wanted out of Transformers:
1. I wanted to see cars that turned into robots.
2. I wanted to see robots that turned into cars (or other vehicles).
3. I wanted to see those robots fight each other.
4. I also wanted to see the cars race each other. (optional)

I got all four things.

Ultimately, it wasn't all that great of a story, but it served the purpose of achieving the three goals. There was a lot of things that I didn't really get. There were a lot of things that happened for the sheer convenience. Some things seemed a little hokey. And not all of the dialog was that great. But, cars turned into robots, robots turned into cars, robots fought and cars chased. I'll give them one walrus for each of those things, but take away one for the annoying and unnecessary Rachael Taylor character.

Up until now, the only Michael Bay movie I liked was the first 40 minutes of The Island. I can't stand Michael Bay movies. That said, once I heard he was directing Transformers, I knew he would be perfect. This is Transformers so the level of realism you might be expecting in Pearl Harbor or maybe even Armageddon, doesn't really matter. So, all that crazy action that Michael Bay can do gets to come to the forefront of the movie and allow his style to shine.

The special effects were some of the best I have ever seen. There were only two shots that looked cgi. The rest blended seamlessly into the shots.

Shia LaBeouf was good and comical. He seems to have gotten out of the awkward phase of growing up and matured even since his days on Even Stevens. A lot of the acting and voice work was appropriate for the film. I was surprised by the casting of Hugo Weaving as Megatron. Not so much that he was cast, but that he didn't really get a chance to shine and even when he had his moments, his voice was so altered, I wondered why they bothered.

From a presentation standpoint, I can't come up with any major reasons not to give it a perfect 5. Even if I could, Megan Fox makes up for those imperfections.

Story score--

Presentation score--

And, I'll give it a rewatchable walrus although I wish there was a slightly shorter version that mainly just had the robots fighting.

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