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Oddly Shaped Dice: Infinite


“Infinite: Epic Modern” was a d20 minigame / supplement I wrote for EnPublishing a couple of years back. It was my first and only venture into professional RPG design. Rather ironically, since I finished it just before my daughter was born, I’ve never really had a chance to play it (although I ran a couple of one-shots that were thematically related).

Mechanically, Infinite was an adaptation of the D&D Epic rules to the d20 Modern system. What I realized late in the design process is that the character generation process for a 30th level d20 character is nightmarish. I’ve been looking at the changes to the d20 system in the new Star Wars Saga Edition, and I think they might smooth things out quite a bit.

Setting-wise, the game is my take on Postmodern Pulp, throwing Philip Jose Farmer’s Wold Newton writings (positing a shared universe of all the great pulp/adventure/detective characters) into the blender with some modern influences like Alias and Planetary. I recently read a description of Hellboy as treating pulp like myth and myth like pulp...that’s about what I was aiming for.

While my gaming buddies are widely scattered and frequently busy, this is still something I’d like to try running, just to say I did it...

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