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Oddly Shaped Dice: The Steampunk One-Shot

All this talk about steampunk has me thinking about some of the ideas I’ve kicked around for a Victorian Era RPG one-shot.

1. Here’s the thing about the movie version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: it was a lousy movie and it would be an awesome RPG...much better for that purpose than the original graphic novels. Come to think of it, “Van Helsing” didn’t really float my boat, but there’s great RPG material in there.

2. I’m a pretty big fan of the old Wold Newton “multiple fictional characters in a shared universe” thing...to the point that I wrote a d20 Modern supplement on the subject...so I’d probably do something like this with the implied understanding that somewhere in this setting, there are some variations of Nemo, Moreau, Van Helsing, etc.

3. “Steampunk vampire hunters” is one of the Holy Grails of my GM’ing career. I would probably just run the recent “Expedition to Castle Ravenloft” and give the PCs suitable backgrounds in state-of-the-art 19th century counter-occult science — alchemical weapons, electrical ghost-traps, etc.

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