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You were my Doctor...

The new Doctor Who series has impressed me. I think it achieves everything the original wanted to be and more. But it acknowledges respectfully that it owes a great deal to what came before it.

Growing up, I would occasionally catch an episode of Doctor Who featuring Tom Baker or John Pertwee on PBS. But when I really tried to get into it, Peter Davison had taken over the role and I saw a majority of his run when it initially ran on PBS. And despite Doctor Who being one of those things I liked as a kid and pretty much loathe as an adult, something stoked the fires tonight.

On YouTube, I just watched the 7-minute Doctor Who special where the current (10th) Doctor meets Peter Davison, the fifth Doctor.

The special opens quickly with a time catastrophe starting and in the control room of the TARDIS, Peter Davison shows up. After solving the problem, David Tennant delivers a beautifully written monologue, a fan letter of sorts, to Peter Davison. Nearing the end, Tennant says, "'Cuz you know what Doctor? You were my Doctor." And I realized that even if adult-CT doesn't like Doctor Who, somewhere inside was kid-CT screaming, "Yes! He's my Doctor, too!"

To days to come. All my love to long ago.

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