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Mopping the Floor with Bruce Campbell

I can't explain it, but there is a huge contingent of nerds out there who love Bruce Campbell. To the point that it is a running gag that anytime a casting discussion comes up, Bruce Campbell is suggested for half the characters in the project.

Now, I don't think Bruce Campbell would be good for half of the roles in any given project. I think he could perform all of the roles if he had to. He's just that good.

I have his books and I have seen almost all of his movies. Even Congo. In fact, I once said that I would watch a TV show that was nothing else but Bruce Campbell mopping the floor. And I proved it by watching something even worse than that. It was called Jack of All Trades.

Unfortunately, Bruce Campbell hasn't had the best roles. His talent and potential was wasted by big time Hollywood who was too scared to see he could have been a big name. Now we get The Man with the Screaming Brain, Alien Apocalypse, and this...

Hey, I'll watch it.

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