Imaginary Band: Are You With Me, Dr. Wu?

I have a lot of imaginary bands, but only one real band . . . the Doctor Wu Rock & Soul Review, spreading classic Stax / Motown soul to the people of downstate Illinois since 1993. I left the band in 2000 and the whole thing's been on hiatus for five or six years, with periodic one-off revivals.

Aaaand then my old trumpet player got the cancer a few months back, and I decided to get the band back together for a benefit gig, which is happening January 26 at Brian's Place in Mattoon.

Fifteen musicians, give or take, including a six-piece horn section. It will be glorious, or a train wreck, or both.


Jeeg said...

This will be my first chance to see you or Dr. Wu in musical action and I'm looking forward to it. Whether it's glorious or a train wreck, it should be a great time. Now I just have to get my James Brown cape back from the cleaners.

CT said...

While it's not the same, I did go to a show once where The Poprocks performed. The highlight of the night was when they asked PLee to join them on stage for a throwback to the Dr. Wu days.

Then I saw the Becca Kaid show a few months later. No PLee sax performance there, but he did introduce the band, and that was fun.

PLee said...

Y'know, I knew Jeeg had never seen Wu, but I couldn't remember whether CT had.

It used to be a great band. No false modesty here --- I was the worst player in the group. A passable singer, and I gradually developed a little bag of tricks on the saxophone, but I really started to see the master of ceremonies role as my main contribution. A lot of people don't like to do that between-song banter and intros and such.

PLee said...

I got a little warmup last night --- the local music shop had a late Christmas party, and so I sang and blew some sax on three tunes with my old lead singer. Not great, but not too shabby.