Imaginary Band: The Mighty Sons of Hercules!

I did a post awhile back about my discovery of the Sons of Hercules . . . this was a syndicated collection of Steve Reeves-type swords-and-sandals movies, where the narration was changed a bit to indicate that the lead character was a son of Hercules (thereby linking these otherwise unrelated movies).

Now, I’ve been kicking around an idea for a cheesy oldies band that could do “Peppermint Twist” and “Tequila” and “Wooly Bully”, but I was looking for a visual/thematic hook.

And then I realized . . . cheesy oldies = sixties frat rock = toga party = The Mighty Sons of Hercules. Have the band dress in togas, or even gladiator armor. Pat = Patocles, Sam = Samocles, etc.

But sadly, I am probably at the stage in my life where I should not wear a toga and sing “Land of a Thousand Dances” in public.


Jeeg said...

I'd say it's just a state of mind. I mean, if these guys can do Land of 1000 Dances, why not you, PLee?

Does a keytar fit into this imaginary band anywhere?

PLee said...

I'm not sure that 80's wrestling is the standard for Dignity against which I should judge myself.

No keytar --- for this genre, it's absolutely essential to have a cheesy old-school "combo organ" -- a Vox or a Farfisa. I'm a huge fan of the Hammond B3, but you need something cheap-sounding.

Jeeg said...

You make a good point. Now I have to wonder how I'm going to get rid of all these "What Would Rowdy Roddy Piper Do" bracelets that I imported?