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Resuming the review of the cast of G.I. Joe...

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Dennis Quaid
as General Hawk
Great casting choice. I almost don't believe it's true. I've always
thought a younger Dennis Quaid would make a good Hal Jordan Green
Lantern. Now he's too old to pull that type of role off, but someone
like General Hawk in a G.I. Joe movie is perfect.

Arnold Vosloo as Zartan
Another solid casting choice. He didn't do anything for me in The
Mummy movies, but then those movies didn't do much for me as a whole
anyway. But his role in the fourth season of 24 was awesome.
Probably the second best villain that show has seen. With Zartan
being one of my favorite characters, I'm glad to see that he'll be
played by a strong villain-type.

Channing Tatum as Duke
No idea who this is. Anyone else have thoughts about this?

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