That Guy: Mickey Jones

Mickey Jones. Thanks to a commercial for breath mints from a few years ago, Jeeg and I refer to him as "fresh breath guy." But you probably know him as "biker guy." During the 80s and some into the 90s, anytime there is a need for a biker gang in a movie or TV show, there would be Mickey Jones.

Probably, he is best known for his recurring role on Home Improvement. But its his appearances in The A-Team, V: The Final Battle, Dukes of Hazzard, and The Incredible Hulk that have won my heart.

Thanks Mickey Jones. I've been admiring your breath since 46th Street.


Jeeg said...

Good call, CT. Mickey is a quintessential "That Guy" and, as you mentioned, one of our favorites.

As much as we enjoyed the mints commercial, I think my favorite Mickey Jones moment was when we were watching V: The Final Battle after we christened him “fresh breath guy”. We were already fired up for Michael Ironside’s appearance and then we realized that Mickey was his mercenary compadre. Killing reptilian aliens with teflon coated bullets took on a whole new meaning at that point.

as6435 said...

Don't forget Mickey was already a famous musician before he caught the acting bug.

In the 60's, he played drums for Trini Lopez, Johnny Rivers, Kenny Rogers and the First Edition and some guy named Bob Dylan.