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This Day in Nerd Lunch History: January 25, 2004

It's like a genetically engineered super-tool. Part pick ax, part hatchet, part crowbar, all awesome. It's the Halligan Tool. It's a tool firefighters use primarily for forcible entry. But as a nerd, I see it and think it's pretty much the human equivalent of a Bat'leth. Sure, not as sleek as the Bat'leth, but potentially just as deadly.

Due to an odd series of events relating to my job at the time, I had a handful of firefighter tools loaned to me. One of them was a Halligan Tool. Concurrent to that, I had a dual cassette deck die on me. It had been good to me over the years, it just finally died. And I didn't want to simply throw it away. I wanted to see that it went out in style.

So, in a cathartic display of sheer Halligan force, I took advantage of the tool on loan to me and smashed the dual cassette deck. But that wasn't enough. Something like this wasn't meant to be done alone. I invited Jeeg to come over and share in the fun.

Photos of this event, recorded on a bitter cold day in the midwest four years ago today, are available for viewing here.

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