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Walrus B13


I've thought about calling these posts "Retro Reviews", since none us here seem to watch any movies that have been released in the last 6 months. I guess busy lives and $10 movie tickets will do that, but I digress.

District B13 is a French action flick brought to you by Luc Besson, the man who gave us The Transporter. The action is intense and features healthy doses of both martial arts and parkour. It was the perfect thrill ride for my Christmas vacation.

The plot is substantial enough to drive the action, but thin enough that it doesn't require much thought. The story moves along quickly, but two scenes early in the movie effectively introduce all the main characters and the ancillary characters are easliy understood stereotypes. So despite an up-tempo runtime of 85 minutes, none of the developments in the plot felt too jarring.

While there was nothing revolutionary about the cinematography, I enjoyed how the fight and chase scenes were shot. Rather than the tight shot, quick cut mode that seems to be all the rage in Hollywood, the action scenes in B13 were shot with a wide enough angle that I could appreciate what was going on in the scene and fully enjoy the stunt work. Bonus points for the French gangsta' rap portions of the soundtrack.

Story score--

Presentation score--

The rewatchable walrus is definitely warranted, if only to take another look at the action sequences.

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