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Instrument Shopping: The Weissenborn acoustic lap steel


Behold the state of the art in slide guitar technology, circa 1922. This is what you call a Weissenborn-style lap steel guitar, closely associated with Hawaiian music but also suitable for blues and certain styles of early country. They were largely replaced by resonator guitars, which were replaced by electric lap steels, which were replaced by pedal steel guitars, which were replaced by...Rascal Flatts, I guess.

These babies have a beautiful tone, and they meet one of my current criteria for new instruments: I want something I can play just sitting around in the living room without disrupting the whole house.

This particular model is a discontinued spruce top model, and it just so happens that the last one the seller has in stock is set up for left-handed play. It's sort of one the upper end of what I'd like to spend, but still...

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