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Knight Walrus

Even though I'm generally opposed to viewing "appointment television," I decided to check out the new Knight Rider movie last night. Having been impressed with both new Doctor Who and new Battlestar Galactica, I decided to give this a chance.

This story suffers from the same things most pilots suffer from. There is a lot of set up and not much in terms of payoff. Nothing really happens for almost the first hour. The villains of the piece (a vastly inferior, evil version of the A-Team) are inconceivably one step ahead of the heroes despite them having the supercar (or with Val Kilmer doing the voice, is it batcar?). The story wasn't very inventive and I was continually hazy on how it fit in with the original series despite references peppered throughout. Just as the show could have gotten interesting, it ends. There was also a subplot that was set up early in the show that was completely resolved with just one line of dialog. Completely pointless.

The worst thing about this was the acting. The lead of the show was very unlikable and had no great screen presence. This was made very obvious once The Hoff shows up for his cameo and the two share a scene. I'm tired of pretty boy, surfer dude protagonists. The rest of the cast was weak. The main girl was okay, but Sidney Poitier's daughter shows that acting ability does not run in the family.

I've read complaints about NuKITT being a Ford. I don't really care. Cool looking car with some swanky interior designs and graphics. Val Kilmer does alright as the voice, but he's no William Daniels.

Story score--
Presentation score--

No rewatchable. If it gets picked up as a series, I'd be curious to watch it again, but I can't imagine it'll be all that much better.

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