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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Fodrak's Gyros

Back during our in-person nerd lunches, we had to meet at a place which was convenient to our places of employment and/or study. Those logistics ruled out our favorite fast food joint, Niro's Gyros. Niro's was the choice for hossin' during our day long sessions of DVD watching or D&D playing and the gyro was the sammich of choice.

Gyros are typically on the menu at sit down Greek restaurants, but within Chicago's sphere of influence they are a fast food staple as well. After leaving the old Nerd Lunch stomping grounds of central Illinois, CT challenged me to wait several months before cheating on Niro's with another gyro provider. I honored the gauntlet which had been thrown, but after 6 months the siren call became too strong and I headed out to Fodrak's Gyros.

I ordered a gyro meal, which is a standard sammich, fries, and drink combo. The pita, meat, onions, and tomatoes were fine, but the tzatziki sauce was very runny and unsatisfying. The fries were nothing to write home about, though french fries are a roll of the dice at most places. All in all, Fodrak's provides an acceptable gyro experience, but Niro's is still the king.

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