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00Walrus #3: Goldfinger

Bond: Sean Connery - 2 tusks
Much more polished by this point than he was in the previous two films and he really shines in this one. It looks like Connery is having fun with the character unlike in the previous movie. I love the way he emotes better in this one. When each of the Masterson girls get killed, he shows a genuine loss. And he displays brilliant coolness during the golf game with Goldfinger.

Girl: Honor Blackman as Pussy Galore - 2 tusks
A great departure from the two previous Bond girls and a character that could have even inspired her own series of movies. Speaking of the two previous Bond girls, Goldfinger contains two bonus Bond girls, Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson and Tania Mallet as Tilly Masterson. In a way, each is like one of the previous Bond girls. Eaton having similarities to Honey Ryder and Mallet having similarities to Tatiana Romanova.

Gadgets: Tricked out Astin Martin- 2 tusks
In this movie, we got the first appearance of Q Branch. The main gadget in this movie was the "supercar" Astin Martin with all "standard" spy gadgets we've come to expect in cars: radar screen, ejector seat, oil slick, smokescreen, bullet shields, tire puncture devices, and so on. Apparently, the actual car was designed with even more gadgets that were never shown. This is about the extent of what I like to see from gadgets though. More than this, as we eventually get, and it's too much.

Opening Theme: "Goldfinger" performed by Shirley Bassey - 2 tusks
Here's the first main theme song featuring the title and setting the tone for all Bond movies to come. While not my favorite song to listen to of the Bond themes, as a Bond theme, this may be the best.

Villain: Gert Fröbe as Auric Goldfinger - 2 tusks
A well-written and well-performed villain. He's the kind of guy that you believe can actually win. And, if it weren't for a last-minute change of mind by Pussy Galore, he would have won. He's a very real villain. Very proud of his plan and maintains and incredible amount of cool during the times that Bond taunts him. It is interesting to note that the voice of Goldfinger was done by someone else. Both Fröbe and the voice actor deserve high praise, although the voice actor delivers some great lines such as "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die."

Henchman: Harold Sakata as Oddjob - 2 tusks
Sakata sets the standard as the first in a string of "super" henchman.

Pre-title opening sequence - 2 tusks
Possibly one of the best opening sequences from a Bond film, this is like a mini-adventure. I love that it's like a Bond film crammed into five minutes. And I also like that it's not connected to anything that happens later in the movie. Just a great bonus. And while it kicks off the absurdities of Bond with the gags like the tux under the wetsuit, it hadn't yet gotten to the level it gets to in just a movie or two.

After a rocky second film, this movie picks up the pieces and gets back to basics and truly establishes the formula. The movie is bigger than what has preceded it, but doesn't lose the focus on Bond. I love the simplicity of the story, yet the complexity of the characters. Placing all the elements I've already mentioned makes this the perfect Bond movie in every way.
Up until now, Goldfinger hasn't held that high of a place of esteem for me. In the past, I have felt it to be overrated. And I don't mind saying that I was wrong. Upon my quest to rewatch all the Bonds, I have found new respect for the first three movies and what they bring on their own and as the forerunner to what the franchise goes on to be. When I initially watched the movies, I watched them out of order, so some of the typical elements felt tired to me. Now, I realize that they weren't worn out, but everything that comes after these first three movies just apes what has already come. From here on out, the stories lose something as they continue to try to top the previous movies. I wish this was as outlandish as it ever got and that it fluctuated between the movies like Goldfinger and the smaller stories like Dr. No.

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