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I'm not really sure where the term "Nerd Lunch" originated. For me, I guess it started when PLee and I worked together at a fairly tedious publishing gig. The two of us, joined by various others over the months we worked there, would go out for lunch and talk about the latest comics and sci-fi movies. Eventually, we began to call it "nerd lunch."

Prior to that, I had known Jeeg since my freshman year of college. Practically from the first day I got there. Jeeg and I eventually roomed together in college and quite often had our own share of lunches where we talked about nerd topics.

Somewhere along the way, I introduced Jeeg and PLee and I was fortunate to have my two good friends become good friends with each other. And there was a nice period of time where the three of us would get together on a regular basis and have the first official "Nerd Lunch" meetings.

There's something about sharing a meal and having a discussion that brings people closer together. Food is one thing we all have in common. We all have to eat. Even if we don't like all the same things, we at least all have to eat something. So, we eat together and find the commonalities don't stop there. But when you start stacking those commonalities on top of one another and begin exploring all the other areas you don't share commonalities with, that's where you begin to grow.

Unfortunately, Nerd Lunch doesn't happen as often anymore. Life took the three of us in different directions. Jeeg and PLee reside a few hours apart in Illinois and I live down in Tallahassee, Florida. We each have family and work obligations that don't allow us to enjoy the nerdity of life to the fullest extent that we once did. We're 30+ year old nerds who wish we could do a little (or a lot) more nerdin' than we're able to. We'd like to be able to game more, read more comics, or take in more movies.

But more than that, I think we'd all like to be able to enjoy those things with our friends. And talk about them over a sandwich. So, we can't do that as often, but we can still keep having those discussions right here on this blog. And with this post, we've had 100 different discussion starters. I'm not sure we thought we'd get this far.

So, to anyone who's been checking this blog out on a regular basis, or even if you just stop by, thanks for reading. And we're looking forward to writing many more posts. Now, someone pass me the pepper.

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