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Frank Miller's Walrus City


sin_city_poster Based on JPL's endorsement, I decided to pick up the Sin City DVD on a recent trip to my local library. It certainly isn't your grandfather's public library. Of the Nerd Lunch crew I have the least experience with comic books, so I approached the movie as relatively uninitiated. I remember perusing a friend's copy of The Dark Knight Returns back in elementary school and that is my only experience with the world of Frank Miller.


Without foreknowledge of the comic, the stories seemed to be lacking a strong enough hook. The setting and some of the characters were intriguing; I especially enjoyed Mickey Rourke's portrayal of Marv. But overall I found it difficult to engage with much of the film. The touch points between the stories were probably cool in the comics, but didn't add much to the movie. In fact, it was confusing to see characters pop in with cameo roles after they had been killed in a previous storyline.

Another problem I had with the setting was understanding "the rules" of the world. Obviously it was comic book reality, but I could not figure out who was superhuman versus just plain tough. Should I have been impressed that Hartigan could survive 6 bullets or Marv could be run over with a car several times?


The cinematic style was the most "comic-like" rendering I have seen in a movie. I give the filmmakers big kudos for serving up something distinctive and true to the source material. I didn't notice the soundtrack for reasons good or bad, but that may have been due to other distractions while I was watching.

The performances were middle of the road. Again I did like Mickey Rourke, but I expected a bit more from Bruce Willis and Clive Owen.

Story score--

Presentation score--

No rewatchable walrus from me. I think my time would be better spent seeing 300.

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