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Instrument Shopping: Dobro


What we have here is a Regal RD-40MS mahogany-bodied squareneck resonator guitar. As a squareneck, it can't be played like a regular guitar --- it's played lap-style, with a steel slide. Quite affordable, and for around $200, Resophonic Outfitters will pimp your dobro, and that upgrade make a big difference in the sound.

I've been circling a dobro for some years . Dobros occupy a unique niche in bluegrass music because they are considered an acceptable but non-essential part of a bluegrass band. I just like the fact that I'll probably find myself as the only dobro player at the jam sessions. While there are other niches I could see myself in --- say, rhythm guitar --- there are always going to be a half-dozen guys at every jam who can play guitar better than me, so why not let them, and I'll do something else.

Yeah . . . I might have to pull the trigger and buy this one.

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