The Nerd Store: Unique Gifts and Games

For several years my cousin, Peeg, has used the phrase "The Nerd Store" to refer to any shop specializing in role playing games and related paraphernalia (miniatures, dice, boards games, etc.). Recently I had the chance to visit The Nerd Store in my area, Unique Gifts and Games.

oddly_shaped_diceThe owners, Ken and Kathleen, are a husband and wife nerd couple, each with their own section of the store. The husband's portion of the shop contains standard gamer faire. The variety of RPG books and card/board games is decent, but their selection of oddly shaped dice stands out. Should I need to add a status symbol to my collection, I now know where to go to get that new d20. The wife's side of the store is a bit more, er, interesting. Not my cup of tea, but they can certainly hook you up if you're ever in need of some incense, healing crystals, or books on the occult.

As is typical for The Nerd Store, they have a large space in the back of the store set up for gaming. The day I visited, a guy was setting up to run a house rules game depicting Battle of Helm's Deep. He had a several feet high, foam version of the fortress and literally several hundred miniatures arrayed on the table. It was impressive to see, but at this point in my life not something I'd want to spend 5 hours playing. They seem to have fairly active Warhammer and Warmachine/Horde groups, but no d20 System games on the store calendar. I guess the Nerd Lunch crew is now old school when it comes to RPGs.


CT said...

Great idea for a semi-regular topic. The novelty of a "The Nerd Store" has worn off for me, but I've been in my share of comic stores over the years and there are certainly some good ones to talk about as well as some bad ones.

There's always interesting mix when "The Nerd Store" combines forces with something else. Sometimes it's something like RPGs and comics. Natural enough pairing. But I've seen RPGs and pet supplies. That one was odd.

Jeeg said...

I know the store of which you speak and it has to be one of the more bizarre Nerd Store experiences you will find. All the larger malls around my area have a Nerd Store, but they stick with the natural pairings of RPGS, board games, and puzzles. So I was a bit surprised by the "spirtual housewares" department at Unique Gifts and Games.

Oddities aside, at least the owners didn't teleport across the room to tell me how awesome GURPS is and mock my poor math skills.

CT said...

The entire story of the day that PLee and I visited you while you were living in Indiana needs to be told some day.

Jeeg said...

For a good part of that day I was sitting around my apartment wondering where the heck you guys were, so one of you two will have to tell that tale.