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Netflix Notes

I've been wanting to do some full fledged walrus reviews for some of the movies I've watched recently that I got from Netflix. I never got around to typing up full reviews, so instead, here are a few quick notes about some recent things I got from Netflix.

Man Against the Mob: The Chinatown Murders
I'm not even entirely sure what this is. I got it because it stars a post-A-Team George Peppard. It was bad. Skip it unless you really like George Peppard.

Since I don't really know anything about science, I loved this movie. I can imagine Jeeg sitting there squirming because the science is all wrong. It was a serious sci-fi piece with the flavor of 2001, Solaris or even Alien. I dug it a lot. I'll be looking out for this one to hit the cheap bin at Wal-Mart someday where I will probably purchase it.

Meet the Robinsons
I call this movie "Diet Pixar." It was entertaining and a good one to watch with the family. Something the kid could enjoy, but still good enough for mom and dad.

MI-5, Vol 4
I can't say too much about this because Jeeg would travel hundreds of miles just to kick me in the teeth if I spoil anything. Thumbs up. Way up. Volume 5 is at the top of the queue.

Watching Now:
On the "Watch Now" feature (which has begun acting funky), I have been watching through Rockford Files season 3 and watched the original Knight Rider pilot. I love the Rockford Files. They don't make TV like that anymore.

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