Oddly Shaped Dice: I'm the Best There Is

This idea for an RPG one-shot is more of a “meta” hook than a specific idea. This is playing off the idea that RPGs are generally about multiple protagonists with specialized skills working together (a la Mission: Impossible) while many examples of genre fiction revolve around a solo hero who can do it all (a la James Bond).

The idea is to set up a one-shot where several solo heroes work together. They aren't necessarily carbon copies of each other, but they all have similar skills sets that enable them to handle their usual sorts of adventures by themselves (or with the occasional sidekick, tech support guy, etc.).

Maybe this means a U.N. mission so delicate that the U.S., Russia, Great Britain, China, and France each insist on sending their best agent. Maybe the world’s greatest detectives all end up on the trail of the same mystery. Maybe we're talking 1930s mystery men --- a teamup would be anachronistic, since this would be pre-Justice Society. Maybe it's a direct-to-video action movie throwdown starring Steven Seagal, Jean Claude Van Damme, Wesley Snipes, and Dolph Lundgren.


Jeeg said...

I like it, and not just because it would be an excuse for our crew to break out all manner accents.

In most of the RPG campaigns I have played, my characters rose to mediocre prowess at best. An aspect of one-shots that I enjoy is the opportunity to play a character that is a masterful at something. The accomplished character also provides a nice role playing hook on top of the various nationalities.

PLee said...

It would be an interesting experiment in character design, actually, since our old standby, d20 Modern, is arguably better at making team-player specialists rather than omnicompetent solo heroes.

Might call for a new Secret Agent advanced class, actually.

PLee said...

Oh, and if we were to cast this UN Superspies RPG...

France sends that blonde feller from "Brotherhood of the Wolf". Although his sidekick Marc Dacascos would be an interesting choice . . . he could be of French Indochinese extraction...

Britain could send Clive Owen for a more traditional Bond, or Jason Stathem for a more blue-collar superspy, or yer man the Operator from Serenity because he's pretty cool and is making a movie about cage fighting..

China presumably sends Jet Li. I'd like to throw some work Russell Wong's way, but he is aging terribly.

The US . . . I dunno . . . could you see Will Smith doing this part?

Jeeg said...

Based on their body of work, Matt Damon or Mark Wahlberg obviously could pull off the American superagent schtick. Ideally there'd also be some up and coming action hero badass to suggest. But as I've discussed, I'm not sure who that is at this point.

Unless we go with the guy that played Agent Tom Sawyer in LXG.

PLee said...

Yeah...I don't quite see the Rock for this part.

We also still need a Russian, and I honestly can't think of anyone besides Dolph Lundgren, even though he's not really Russian.

Stallone recently noted that if he had it to do over again, he would punch Brigette Nielsen and marry Dolph.