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Walrus League: New Frontier

It's probably odd to come to this blog and read reviews about relatively recent things. A review of the new Knight Rider and now a review of Justice League: New Frontier that just came out a few days ago. Don't get used to this.

It's hard to rate this movie because I feel like I can't really rate it on its own since I have read the original comic story. The movie is very faithful to the book, so things that might be lacking in the movie, I was able to fill in on my own. Overall, the story suffers from being too compressed. This is a limitation put on them by the studio. I wish it could have been expanded from a 75 minute length to at least 90 minutes, if not two hours. It sure could have used some more moments to let the story breath. Really, they should have expanded it and tried for a theatrical release.

That said, the original story was great, full of all kinds of DC obscurity. It had a great sense of scope while zeroing in on just a few main characters. The movie does the same, but has a problem with balance. The story has to keep moving so much, that some of the relationship scenes are lost. The connection between Martian Manhunter and King Faraday is especially hurt without another scene or lengthier scene to give them the history they share by the end battle.
Despite that complaint, or maybe even partly because of it, I was left wanting so much more. And not in a bad way. In a "that was great, I wish this was a series and not just a movie" kind of way.

I loved the stylized animation and the fluidity of it. The design is largely inspired by or in some cases, done by the genius that is Darwyn Cooke. I loved that it was a period piece and that everything had the look of a late-50s sci-fi movie. Excellent voice work. I was extremely impressed by Jeremy Sisto as Batman.

The next DC Universe animation project is a Batman DVD featuring six short stories. I'd love to see this Universe revisited with several characters getting their own 10-minute short. I'd especially look forward to a Batman story.

Story score--
Presentation score--

I won't give it the rewatchable, although I have another commentary and a half to listen to and I look forward to just seeing the movie again and taking in the visuals.

As a little bonus, the two-disc edition at Best Buy came with a little Green Lantern figurine in the New Frontier style. Well-sculpted and currently sits on my DVD shelf guarding the DVDs from anything ready to harm them.

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