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Why Walruses?

A couple weeks back, CT thought an explanation of the walrus rating system would be a good idea. As I said then, it's not a terribly exciting story. Though excitement isn't a prerequisite for my posts, so here it is.

In the year or two leading up to our in-person nerd lunches and during that time, CT and I had quite a bit more free time to take in movies. At that point we were watching, discussing, and recommending enough movies to each other that some sort of rating beyond a "liked it/didn't like it" seemed like it would be useful. As complete nerds, CT and I decided we would create a formal movie rating system for our own use.

The system is composed of 3 categories:

We ironed out the details over a few conversations and then began to put it into practice. We'd give our reviews and recommendations to each other with a point rating. If memory serves, CT even had a spreadsheet in which he recorded some of the ratings we had doled out.

A few months after we came up with the system, I was describing it to some other friends. In retrospect I cannot imagine what these people were thinking, but one of them played along. She pointed out that points or stars were played out and we should choose something else as our metric. I had quite the thing for this friend (she would later go on to be my girlfriend and then ex-girlfriend), so I was inclined to act her advice. I passed along the suggestion to CT. After a brief period of being slightly perturbed and befuddled as to why anyone would care, CT settled on the most bizarre item that came to his mind, walruses. I can't recall the reaction of my friend/girlfriend/ex-girlfriend, but the walrus rating system lives on.

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