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Netflix Notes 2

Been making my way through some good viewing recently and thought it was time for another edition of CT's Netflix Notes.

I've long looked at RFK as the ultimate "what coulda been" for recent U.S. History. I was looking forward to this movie, but I should have read a bit more about it before viewing because it wasn't about RFK as much as it was about the lives of several different people and how they all came together on the day RFK was shot. It was kind of in the same style as Crash or Magnolia in that most of the stories didn't connect with one another until the end but different in that nothing much happened in Bobby.

Masters of the Universe

I got this one in anticipation of a future blog entry. I'll be saying more about this later.

Entertaining premise and well-executed for the most part. In some ways, I felt like it could have been longer and flesh out some more of the character's backstory. In other ways, it went on a little too long. The movie's ending had been ruined for me, but despite that, I still enjoyed it. Maybe liked it even more knowing how it ended.

It's hard to not compare it to The Prestige because it came out about the same time, both are about stage magicians, both have some twists, both have some romance/revenge things going on, and both feature comic book movie actors in leading roles. It's an okay movie that's made better by the performances of the cast. I often wonder why Rufus Sewell doesn't get more work.

High School Musical 2

Sometimes on family movie night, you make compromises. In this case, we didn't strive for a movie that made us all happy, we instead went for one that made us all unhappy. I wasn't that big a fan of the first one, and the second one is a sizable step down. Even the message for kids seemed out of whack.

Sometimes on family movie night, you make compromises and it all turns out okay. This was a pleasant surprise. Maybe I wasn't expecting much, but the premise was the classic "fish out of water" tale where a cartoon princess becomes a real person in the middle of modern-day New York City. It was well-executed and the worlds mixed together nicely. I recommend this for anyone trying to find something the whole family can enjoy. Especially if you have girls in the house.

I viewed this on Netflix's browse instantly feature on my day off of work. This was one of those movies I had never seen in its entirety. Only caught bits and pieces on TV every now and then. Fun movie and Marc Singer rocks. And after having watched Masters of the Universe, I was thinking about how this is such a better He-Man movie than what He-Man turned out to be.

I must have missed something here because I was expecting a clever little independent film starring the upcoming G.I. Joe's Scarlett as a girl trapped in a parking garage on Christmas Eve. About halfway into it, I realized that this isn't the kind of movie I like and should have just stopped it and rewatched Die Hard.

I think I want to like Neil Gaiman more than I do. Neverwhere and Mirrormask both sort of felt a little flat to me and yet I gave this a shot anyway. And, there was a lot that I liked about it. It had some good moments. I actually laughed out loud a few times and had fun watching it. But, I wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

Jurassic Park III
I'd seen the first two and wanted to complete the trilogy. Now I can check that box off, but that's really all I got out of this movie. It was worse than II and I didn't figure that was possible.

Television wise, I got Futurama: Bender's Big Score and enjoyed the trip back to see Fry, Leela, Bender and the gang. I polished off MI-5 volume 5 and found myself continually disappointed in the recent volume despite a mostly enjoyable fourth volume. I watched a disc that had a random selection of Maverick episodes on it. Great stuff. Also watched the entire first and second seasons of News Radio on "Watch Now." Funny show. Sort of a WKRP for the 1990s. And finally, I've begun a foray into watching Magnum PI. I'm just seven episodes in, but I'm enjoying it already and look forward to being able to have some good talks with Jeeg about one of his favorite 80s shows.

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