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All right Nerd Lunchers, I need your help...

I hope that Jeeg and PLee will indulge me in a little shameless self-promotion.

I had the opportunity to participate in a 24 Hour Film Contest over this past weekend. At 9 am Saturday, we were assigned the theme of "knowledge" and had until 9 am Sunday to write, shoot, and edit a 3-5 minute movie short. We were able to complete a nice little story in about 21 hours and turned it in an hour early. It stars me and I helped write it and I also edited it.

Anyway, Tallahassee.com has all of the entries available to view on their site and you can vote for the one you think is the best.

Here's where I need your help. I need you to scroll about halfway down the page and vote for "Making Rainbows" as many times as you possibly can. And, moreso, pass this request along to everyone you know, post it on your Facebook/MySpace pages, or your blogs asking for MULTIPLE votes for "Making Rainbows."

Help us win this thing. Thanks!


We won the clicking contest. Thanks for all your help!

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