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(Nerd) Lunch Special: Argentinean Empanadas


My wife and I recently swung by Scott Dogs for a late dinner. I have heard good things about the restaurant and Chef Scotty from multiple sources, but I had not been able to swing that far out of my way for a visit. The good word has obviously gotten around, as the place had a lively dinner crowd even after 7 PM.

Scott Dogs falls into the category of classic Chicago style fast food, but also offers some specialties that are not part of a typical fast food menu. To give me a frame of reference, I ordered a Chicago style hot dog (the namesake Scott Dog) and an order of fries. My wife went with one of the specialties, two Argentinean empanadas (mostly obscured in the upper right of the photo) which I was able to sample as well. 

Hossin' at Scott Dogs

The Chicago dog was merely good; the dog itself was not the usual Vienna beef and the cucumber slices on top didn't work for me. However, the fries were some of the best in my recent memory. The empanadas were also very tasty; a GB&D (™ Alton Brown) crust filled with ground beef, onion, and green olives. All in all, it was some quality fast food. Scott Dogs is definitely worth a return visit and I look forward to seeing how their gyro compares to the competition.

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