(Nerd) Lunch Special: Jimmy John's

The Vito Like the rest of the crew here, I enjoy a good sammich. Places to get a submarine / hero / hoagie sandwich are a dime a dozen, but one of my absolute favorites is Jimmy John's. The chain started out in the original Nerd Lunch stomping ground of Central Illinois and expanded, first to college campuses in the Midwest and then all around the country. Franchises are not quite nationwide at this point, but it won't be long before they will have blanketed the lower 48.

The odd thing about Jimmy John's is that I can't point to one reason why I enjoy their sandwiches so much. Most people order straight off the menu without any customization, there's no oven toasting, and no hand dipped milkshakes or specialty items on the side. What they do offer is relatively simple sandwiches served up quickly and for what I consider to be a reasonable price. Perhaps simplicity plus quality still amounts to a winning formula.

So here's to you, Jimmy John Liautaud. I hear you're a difficult man to work for, but you make mighty fine sammiches.


CT said...

There's a JJ's or two down here in the capital city of Florida. Although, I've never been to one down here to be able to speak to their quality outside of the Midwest.

I don't know if they still offer this, but last I checked, they did give away free smells. There's not much out there you can get for free anymore.

Jeeg said...

My only JJ's experience outside of the Midwest was last year when I was in Denver on business. I found it to be consistent with my regular locations in Illinois and Indiana. Though it was fun to see the locals marveling at the intriguing new sandwich shop.

They still have the neon signs in the windows offering free smells. However the smells probably have some hydrocarbon component, so it wouldn't surprise me if the price went up to a nickel.

In all of our hossin' discussions, I don't know if we've ever discussed the Jimmy John's menu in-depth. Do you have a favorite item, CT?

CT said...

Boy, it's been three years or more since I've had JJ's. I think I would typically get the Italian Night Club, but on occasion I'd get the Turkey Tom.