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G.I. Joe, A Real...Cartoon!


G.I. Joe seems to have been a pretty popular topic. The three of us are all right in that age range to have maybe collected the toys or been around others who had. And, we saw the cartoon and maybe collected the comics.

As a kid, I found the cartoon enjoyable but looking back on it, I just don't enjoy it without the nostalgia factor. And, as mentioned previously, the new live action movie doesn't look to be shaping up to be what I really want either. But maybe the movie will help bring to me something that will be what I want.

Hisstank.com has reported that a new G.I. Joe cartoon with a more serious tone, aimed to reach guys just like us, is being produced. Written by Warren Ellis, these should be more serious in tone dumping laser rifles for bullets and amping up the suspense by showing deaths.

Just imagine a Cobra Commander who is a serious threat and not a bumbling buffoon. Isn't that what you always wanted to see?

[Side note: Has anyone seen the 25th Anniversary action figures? I quit buying action figures a couple years ago, but if there was something that would tempt me to get back into action figures, it'd be that line.]

I wonder if they'll still end these cartoons with some sort of short where Dial-Tone shows up to teach kids to eat healthy or Shipwreck tells kids to not play on construction sites.

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