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Star Wars Holiday Special


shudder In our recent discussion of the latest Indiana Jones movie, CT mentioned that he's no fan of George Lucas. I know we both have stronger feelings about him, but we haven't had many opportunities to riff on that theme over the past year. In short, I think the guy is a hack. Return of the Jedi, Temple of Doom, and the three Star Wars prequels are all the evidence I need, but the piece de resistance has to be the Star Wars Holiday Special. If you haven't seen it and think you have the stamina to endure nearly 2 hours of awful dialogue, wookie sexual innuendos, and Bea Arthur, head over here.

I bring up a Christmas special in the middle of June not only because it's fun to bash George Lucas, but also because there is an opportunity to own this piece of history. WrestleCrap's RD Reynolds is selling his copy of the Holiday Special as part of a garage sale to unload some of their more "interesting" acquisitions from over the years. So if you're a hard core Star Wars fan, a masochist, or just enjoy watching Mr. Lucas fall flat on his face, get your bid in before Tuesday.

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