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Time Is Tight


I had to do some driving this weekend, and I decided to just bring my Booker T. and the MGs collection. That stuff is water from the well.

When I was sixteen, I started listening to the old sixties soul music, especially Stax Records from Memphis ---- Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Sam & Dave. Booker T. and the MGs were both the house band at Stax and a popular instrumental group in their own right. Organ, guitar, bass, and drums --- always tight, always tasteful.

A couple of the guys went on to play with the Blues Brothers and appear in the movies . . . guitarist Steve Cropper also has a weird cameo in the movie "Amazon Women on the Moon."

I'm primarily a saxophonist, but I've also tooled around on guitar for years now. I just found a couple of books that teach "soul guitar" in the style of Steve "The Colonel" Cropper, and I've gotten the weird notion to learn some of those old tunes and figure out a little bit of that style. I'd need a Telecaster to do it right . . .

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