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CT's Dilemma


Why so serious, CT? We are at the cusp of one of the great decisions of our age.  Sure there's that whole election thing in the fall, but in the coming days and weeks CT must decide if he'll break his self imposed ban on seeing movies in the theater. He has had enough bad experiences at the theater that he vowed never to go back and to simply wait for things to come out on DVD. Aside from a rare spoiler dropped here or there, his plan seems to have worked well.

The problem is a little film called The Dark Knight that comes out this Friday (July 18th). You may not have heard of this obscure arthouse piece, but trust me when I say it's going to be a big deal. It may end up being the best super hero movie of all time and people are even whispering about a potential posthumous Oscar for Heath Ledger. Over the past week or so we've had a little poll in the side panel of the blog asking if CT should break his embargo. Several folks have voted yes and, since she has to live with the consequences, Janay is less than thrilled with that prospect.

State your case, folks. Why should CT roll the dice and head out to theatre for this one? Or should he wait for the DVD and hope it makes it out in time for Christmas?

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