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Worst. Show. Ever.


Last week, the Nick Digilio podcast was devoted to discussion of the 25 worst sitcoms according to TVCrunch. Sitcoms rank only slightly above reality TV in my current entertainment pantheon, but I certainly have watched my fair share. TVCrunch's list gets more things right than wrong and that's more than I can say for many Internet lists. But they make for easy work and even easier blogging, so let's discuss.

I have to object to Perfect Strangers and Mr. Belvedere getting the knock as both are exactly what I want from an 80s sitcom. And while I fully admit that it sucks, Charles in Charge is a guilty pleasure of mine. Maybe it's just me, but Woops! sound like an interesting premise for a show.

Aside from Perfect Strangers, Belvedere, and a three shows that I have no recollection of, I can't argue against any of the selections.  Off the top of my head I do think there are a few notable omissions that are more deserving of inclusion, but reasonable people can disagree on crappy TV.  Great food, bad comedy

Any other candidates that I have slipped my mind? Would anyone like to make an impassioned defense of My Two Dads?

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