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Decommissioning the USS Gambling Nerd


No retrofit for this enterprise We seem to be saying farewell too often around these parts. Only a few weeks back we had a painful death trilogy and earlier this week, the voice of the movies, Don LaFontaine, headed off to the big sound booth in the sky. But now another blow to nerds everywhere: the shuttering of Star Trek: The Experience in the Las Vegas Hilton.

The Experience featured two "rides", a Trek museum, Quark's Restaurant and Bar, and a gift shop. It seems that the proprietors of The Experience and Hilton couldn't agree on terms for a new lease, so the 10 year voyage is now over. So The Nerd Lunch crew will not be making a reunion trip to Vegas in a few years. And sorry fellow trekkies, you're out of luck if you dreamt of being married on the bridge of the Enterprise, ordering up an $8.50 James Tea Kirk from your Bolian waiter, or eating Picard's Pockets (look it up, kids).

The upside is there may be some unique items appearing on eBay in the near future.

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