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Test of Time: The Goonies


I know, another regular feature is just what we need around here. In the proud tradition of WrestleCrap Radio, I'm all for throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

Hey you guys! The idea for this post came from an episode of the Nick Digilio Show from a few months back. Nick and his producer, Andy 'The Count' Hermann, had a vigorous conversation on the relative merits of The Goonies. Andy is in his early 30s (the same age as the members of the Nerd Lunch crew) and thinks The Goonies is great. Nick, on the other hand, is in his mid 40s and finds The Goonies to be more or less abysmal. Nick's explanation for the difference of opinion was their difference in ages. The discussion intrigued me because, like Andy, I love The Goonies and may have had my view colored by first experiencing the movie as an 11 year old.

So with this issue in mind, I picked up the DVD from the local library and had a screening. Admittedly there are a few plot holes and the opening half hour (aside from the opening jailbreak sequence) plods along slowly, but all in all the movie holds up pretty well. It's basically a combination of Treasure Island, Home Alone, and a pre-pubescent version of Indiana Jones. As weird as that mix sounds, the distinctive characters ensure that it's still a lot of fun.

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