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It's the cheesiest!

I believe I've said before that I'm not a huge fan of these lists that come out stating the "Top 25 _______" ever. The lists are so subjective that all it usually does is anger me that something was either on the list that shouldn't have been or wasn't on the list that should have. And if that's not enough, they'll usually have the order all wrong, too.

That said, there's a new list from Entertainment Weekly: 25 Cheesiest Syndicated TV Shows. And even if it's not a perfect list, it's a topic that the Nerd Lunchers like to discuss and sometimes joke about.

There's been some good syndicated material. Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine were both syndicated. While they both had their share of cheese at times, the overall quality of both shows was stellar. And in my book, the same goes for Babylon 5 (although, I'm probably the only of the three here who has that view).

Although there are a couple on the list I hadn't heard of and some I've never seen, I'd have to agree with most of it. I'd take off Hercules and Xena. Those two shows could deliver a range of decent material. Strong action-packed shows, great drama, or hilarious comedic stories, they could do it all. I might take Jack of All Trades off just because it was intentionally cheesy where the rest weren't, although I'm equally fine with it staying on the list. Baywatch started as an NBC show but was syndicated after the first season. I might take that off the list if a better option was presented.

Dropping those would leave four open spots. How about any of these four?

War of the Worlds
Forever Knight
Team Knight Rider

I don't know. I'm probably not being fair to Highlander since I've never seen the show. There are many out there who love it. So, I'm willing to give Highlander a pass, but how could Entertainment Weekly leave off the cheesiest of all?


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