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300 Walruses


Tonight we dine in hell My fellow townspeople must have quite the taste for gory action epics, because the 300 DVD has been continuously checked out from our local library for the last several months. My number finally came up in the last few weeks and excitedly brought it home for a screening. I had heard only good things about the movie, so I had positive expectations.


The story is just enough to get the ball rolling towards the non-stop action of battle. In short, the Spartans are total badasses with an honorable king, Leonides, who just want to enjoy their way of life freely. Hordes of invading Persians arrive in Greece and demand submission from the Spartans. Leonides will have none of that, but due to political maneuvering of cowardly parliament members, the Spartan army is not allowed to go to war. So Leonides takes 300 volunteers on a misión suicida to stop the Persians.

There are some definite parallels with Braveheart and Gladiator (two of my favorites) and the writers go to great lengths to depict the Spartans as patriotic freedom fighters. Unfortunately, Leonides is not as well actualized as either the Wallace or Maxmius characters. I also did not buy into the notion of Spartans as noble democrats, but that isn't a requirement for me to root for them.


The cinematography and visual style of 300 are great and actually necessary for its success. This movie features an insane amount of carnage with an on screen murder count that has to be in the thousands. The comic book inspired aesthetic and visual effects help to temper some of the violence in additional to providing visual interest.

The score is very good and, like other well done soundtracks, the music can conjure up images of various scenes as you listen. Kudos for throwing plenty of electric guitar into the music for a period piece. I'd like to think Steve Resler would do the same.

The acting performances were solid all around, though it's difficult to call any of them great. Admittedly, there's not a lot of subtlety to work with in the script, so that may have limited opportunities to stretch the acting legs.

Story score--

Presentation score--

I waffled a quite a bit on whether or not to hand out the rewatchable walrus. I would like to see this again, but ultimately I don't think 300 would be a movie that I would revisit over and over again.  So no rewatchable for you, my Spartans.

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