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Legend of the Saturday Afternoon


In years gone by, Saturday afternoon was often a time that was empty on my calendar. There were outings with friends, D&D games, homework, or errands, but there was also a lot of crappy syndicated TV filling those afternoons. At various points my local Fox affiliate or WGN superstation were destroying my neurons with photons from:

To be fair, I also discovered a couple gems in Hercules and Xena during those Saturday afternoons on the couch. Not everyone considers them fine entertainment, but I think they were cleverly put together and well executed.

While I was lounging around last Saturday some familiar looking action caught my eye and got me to stop on WGN. It turns out that the driving forces behind Hercules and Xena, Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, have marched back into Saturday afternoon syndication (at least in my market) with Legend of the Seeker.


Seeker is based on the fantasy novels by Terry Goodkind, which just happen to be one of the few fiction series I've read in the last 10 years. It's less campy, but the show still has some of the Hercules/Xena feel due to the New Zealand shooting location and local filler talent.

Saturday afternoons aren't as free as they once were and I haven't seen enough of Seeker to say if it will be a winner, but it's nice to know that someone is trying to keep the Legend of Saturday Afternoon alive.

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