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Share my joy...


Thanks to the awesome semi-annual sale at DeepDiscount.com, I finally obtained the entire Star Trek: Deep Space Nine DVD collection.

DEEP because of DeepDiscount.com. SPACE because it's going to take up a lot of space on my DVD shelf. NINE because we'll watch most of these in 2009.

The conversation with my wife about DS9 went much better this time as compared to when they first came out years ago:

"How much were the Next Generation sets?"
"Um...hundred bucks."
"Okay. How long was it on? Four, five years?"
"To some. Personally, I don't ignore the first two seasons. I love them all."
"That doesn't answer my question. How many sets are there?"
"Okay, so seven at $100 a piece...that's a lot of money."
"Yeah, but it's hours of entertainment. Well worth it."
"Fine. So it's just seven and we're done."
"Well, no. There's also the movies."
"Of course."
"And Deep Space Nine follows Chief O'Brien and eventually Worf so I consider those a part of Next Generation."
"How much are those sets?"
"They're also $100."
"How many sets?"
"Also seven."
"No. No Deep Space Nine."
"Deep Space Nine also has the Jem'Hadar..."
"The Jem'Ha-what?"
"The Jem'Hadar. They're awesome."

PS--I know we all want to get into the DS9 v. B5 comments, but for now, let's leave that for another post. I like both. Just let me bask in DS9 right now.

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