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When a Nerd Becomes a Dad: Taste from Back Home

One week ago today, Nerd Lunch welcomed a new addition. Dashiell Vaughn Trammel entered the world on December 19, 2008 at 8:04 PM. Dashiell is a cool little guy and I look forward to getting to know him. Hopefully, he'll want to play with super hero and G.I. Joe action figures and want to read comic books. I have plenty of both and would love to share it all with him (and his older sister who already enjoys some of those things).

Another thing I'd love to share with both of my kids is the love of the awesome tastes of Chicago-style grub. As the expert at greasefreak.com shows us, there is no comparing the food of any other part of the country to that of what Chicago and the surrounding Midwestern areas offer.

Having moved to Tallahassee, Florida a little over three years ago, I have found food around here to be dismal in comparison. That's not to say there's not good food, just little that stacks up to the likes of an Italian Beef sandwich or a Chicago-style hot dog. Over the last two Christmases, my family was able to travel home and I was able to eat at Niro's Gyros and get my annual fill of Chi-dogs. This year, due to Dashiell's arrival, our trip home for Christmas has been postponed for a future date. Since the urge for a Chicago dog was not on the horizon, I had been mentally prepping myself for no Niro's this year. I was doing pretty good, too until a recent phone conversation with Jeeg when, little did I know, he was priming the pump by talking about some upcoming visits he was planning to make to nearby Chicago eateries.

Perhaps in one of those trips, it was there that Jeeg set in motion one of the best gifts my new baby has received thus far. It was scheduled for delivery on Christmas Eve, but something went wrong and it didn't arrive until today. Thankfully, all was okay and nothing arrived in poor condition. And, it arrived just in time for lunch!

Dashiell received a "10 pack Portillo's Chicago Style Hot dogs." This container had everything needed to craft ten Chi-dogs.

The pressure was on. Sure, it looks easy, but these directions have all kinds of steps and sub-steps. At no point did I want to mess this up.



It was so good that I almost felt like I was breaking some sort of Florida state law. That or I was going to be compelled to share with the rest of the state. And maybe that wouldn't be so bad. Maybe if the rest of the state could try this we'd get a Portillo's of our own.

Thanks Nerd Lunch buddies! And thanks on behalf of Dashiell, too. Selfishly, I wanted to eat them all for myself, but then my wife reminded me that this was addressed to Dashiell and the only way he was going to get any of it right now was if she had some hot dogs, too. Sometime soon, he's in for the best milk ever!

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