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As Seen On TV


I'm not sure if there has been a resurgence of the As Seen On TV commercials or if my TV viewing habits over Christmas vacation somehow aligned with these gems. Whatever the reason, I've seen a lot of the goofy product commercials over the past few weeks and I now have a few "favorites".

Disclaimer: This is not a reverse psychology endorsement. I'm not buying any of this crap and neither should you.

The Snuggie

The Snuggie is an blanket-robe hybrid that keeps you warm, yet still allows you to do those truly important things like answer the phone or pet your dog.

Best moment: The shot of a family wearing Snuggies at a football game. Not only is it absurd to think anyone would wear a Snuggie outside of the house, but the scene looks like a Heaven's Gate cult field trip.


The Slap Chop

The Slap Chop is the latest in a long line of spring loaded chopping devices which have been sold for decades. The product isn't anything new, but the pitchman is Mr. Shamwow himself, Vince Offer.

Best moment: While preparing some ice cream toppings Vince deadpans the line, "You're going to love my nuts."


Big City Slider Station

Finally, a specialized frying pan that simplifies the near impossible task of making those mini-hamburgers you see in restaurants. Luckily the 21st century Ron Popeil, Billy Mays, is here to save America from the twin nightmares of forming beef patties and flipping them over.

Best moment: There's a quick scene showing some topping options for the burgers. Just in case you couldn't come up with the novel toppings of cheese, ketchup, pickles, or onion on your own.

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